ThingPark Enterprise

Connecting ThingPark to MClimate’s LoRaWAN broker

1. Create a new application server

2. Content-type should be JSON untyped

3. Add destination

Destination of MClimate’s LoRaWAN broker for ThingPark is:

4. Securing the tunnel

  • Copy the token

  • Active Uplink/Downlink security in your application server

    • Enter the AS ID - should be the same as that in the developers portal.

    • Paste the Token in the authentication key field.

    • Leave timestamp deviation empty.

5. Go to and create your m-token.

Copy the token.

6. Create custom HTTP header with key with name “m-token” and for value paste the token from the enterprise.

7. Create new AS routing profile

8. Add Destination

9. In Device settings -> Choose the routing profile

10. Done

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