Buzzer control

This command controls the Buzzer notifier. You can adjust the timing, frequency of the signal it emits, etc.

The command explanation is in the table below.

Byte index

Hex value - Meaning


03 – The command code


XX – Buzzer volume and frequency XX[7:4] - Buzzer volume: 0x0 - Buzzer volume set to minimum ...

0xE - Buzzer volume set to maximum 0xF - Buzzer is off XX[3:0] - Buzzer frequency increments of 0.5kHz 0x0 - Buzzer frequency 1kHz 0x1 - Buzzer frequency 1.5kHz ... 0xA - Buzzer frequency 6kHz 0xB to 0xF - Reserved


XX – Buzzer active time in seconds (1 second resolution) Time the buzzer to be active. Resolution – 1s. If zero, the buzzer will stay active until buzzer command with volume 0xF is received (buzzer turn-off) or the verify button is pressed. During this time the buzzer continuously alternate loud and silent states.


XX - On time for the buzz loud-silent period. Resolution – 10ms


XX - Off time for the buzz loud-silent period. Resolution – 10ms.

Example command: 0x03EA050A0A

EA[HEX]: [7:4]=0xE - Buzzer volume set to maximum [3:0]=0xA - Buzzer frequency 6kHz

05[HEX] = 05[DEC] -> Buzzer active for 5 seconds

0A[HEX] = 10[DEC] -> Buzzer on time 10x10ms=100ms=0.1s

0A[HEX] = 10[DEC] -> Buzzer off time 10x10ms=100ms=0.1s

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