Network-related settings

Join-retry period

See below how to set/get the join-retry period of the device. If the devices is not connected to a LNS, this value basically instructs it how frequent it should try to re-join the network.

This command is used to set the period (T) of LoRaWAN join request sending from the end-node device. The keep-alive in the response is omitted for clarity.

Byte index

Hex value – Meaning


10 – The command code.


T, [s] = XX * 5. Value 0x00 isn’t applicable. Default value: 0x78*5 = 600 sec = 10 minutes.

Example command: 0x10F0 = 240*5 = 1200 sec = 20min – the server sets the join request period to 20 minutes.

Notes to this command:

  • This join retry period (T) must comply to LoRaWAN messages duty cycle. Otherwise the join request will be sent on the next attempt.

  • This join retry period (T) is for the first 15 messages. After, the used LoRaWAN stack automatically changes the possibility to send join request to ~20 minutes for 20 network join attempts. If the device is still not joined to the network after these 20 attempts, next join request can be sent after ~3 hours and 15 minutes.

Communication watch-dog

This command is used to set independent radio watch-dog configurations for confirmed and unconfirmed uplink messages sent from the device. In other words, the radio watch-dog configuration for confirmed uplinks no matter whether the device works with unconfirmed uplinks, and vice versa. When no downlink (regular or MAC command) is received for the defined Watch-Dog Period (WDP), the device resets itself.

Byte index

Hex value – Meaning


1C – The command code.


XX – Watch-dog period (WDP) when confirmed uplinks are used by the device.

WDP_confirmed [min] = (XX * Keepalive period) + 7

Default value for XX: 0x02=27min.

Note: The value 0x00 disables the watch-dog functionality when confirmed uplinks are used.


XX – Watch-dog period (WDP) when unconfirmed uplinks are used by the device.

WDP_unconfirmed [min] = XX * 60

Default value for XX: 0x18=24hrs.

Note: The value 0x00 disables the watch-dog functionality when unconfirmed uplinks are used.

Example downlink: 0x1C0300 – Assuming that the send Keepalive period is 5 minutes, WDP_confirmed = (0x03 * 5)+7 = (3*5)+7 = 22 minutes.

The watch-dog functionality for unconfirmed messages is totally disabled - 0x00.

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