Connection between Senet and MClimate’s LoRaWAN broker using Webhooks

The guide assumes you have your device registered with the Senet platform and you have access to the Dashboard.

1. Creating a notifier in Senet

Expand the device settings for your device in the Senet Dashboard

Go to the NOTIFICATION TARGET section and select HTTP from the dropdown menu.

Enter the following URL in the text box:

You will need to create two Header Keys (make sure you name them with these exact names):

  • m-token

  • api-key

Proceed to the next section of the guide to learn how to generate the Header Values. Leave the rest of the settings with their default values.

2. Create Enterprise M-token

Go to and create your m-token.

Give it a name and copy it over into the m-token header value field in Senet

3. Create a Senet API-key

In the Senet Dashboard navigate to the Edit Account Info section.

Generate/Re-generate a new API Key and copy it over in the api-key header value field in Senet.

Save the device settings in Senet, now that you have both the M-token and the API-Key and you are done.

Your device should now be visible in Enterprise.

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