Notification Blind Time

The Notification Blind Time is used to send the status (open / close) after a certain time. In this time interval, each detected status is counted by the status counter. When the time interval expires, the current status (open / close) and counter are sent to the keep-alive packet.

Notification Blind Time is useful when you are not interested in the events in real-time, but rather want to understand the "final" status of the sensor. E.g. if you install the sensor on a door, there might be a number of opens/closes in a single NBT. The sensor will not send an uplink for every event, but will send the final status of the sensor after NBT interval since the first event.

Set time interval command explanation.

Byte indexHex value – Meaning


1E - The command code.


XX - Notification Blind Time in minutes.

Default value is 0 minutes.

Table 14

Example command, [Hex]: 0x1E0A – the server sets NBT to 10 minutes.

Get time interval command explanation.

Byte indexSent request, [hex]Received response, [hex]


1F – Command code.

1F - The command code.


XX - NBT in minutes.

Table 15

Example command sent from server, [Hex]: 1F;

Example command response, [Hex]: 1F0A => NBT = 0A = 10 minutes.

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