Anti-freeze functionality

Vicki has a built-in anti-freeze functionality based on its internal temperature readings. You can set a certain temperature threshold and if the internally measured temperature crosses it the functionality will be activated/deactivated.

If the anti-freeze functionality is active the current target temperature is overwritten by the anti-freeze target temperature and a keep-alive message is sent to notify the server (bit 3 in byte 8 in the keep-alive packet is the flag for active/inactive functionality state).

The anti-free target temperature can be set with a resolution of 1°C. When the anti-freeze functionality has been deactivated the previously set target temperature is restored.

Set the anti-free functionality parameter values.

Byte index

Bit index

Hex value - Meaning



49 – The command code.


XX - activation threshold temperature


XX - deactivation threshold temperature


XX - anti-freeze target temperature

Example command: 0x493C5A07

3C[HEX] = 60[DEC] Activation threshold = 60 / 10 = 6°C Default value is 6° If the temperature falls below 6°C Vicki will go into anti-freeze mode setting a new target temperature.

5A[HEX] = 90[DEC] Deactivation threshold = 90 / 10 = 9°C Default value is 9°C If the temperature goes over 9°C Vicki will resume normal operation and restore its previously configured target temperature.

07[HEX] = 7[DEC] Anti-freeze target temperature = 7°C Default value is 7°C

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