MClimate Multipurpose Button LoRaWAN

General information

MClimate Multipurpose Button LoRaWANβ€€ is a simple device with many applications. Featuring a single button with 3 types of clicks and a temperature sensor, only your imagination limits what happens when the customer presses the button.

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  • Button with 3 click types (single, double and triple)

  • Temperature sensor

  • Ultra-low power consumption

Power supply

  • Battery type: ER10280

  • Operating voltage: 3VDC

  • Expected battery life: Up to 10 years (depending on configuration and total number of presses)


  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3, class A device, EU868

  • Encryption: LoRaWAN End-to-end encryption (AES-CTR)

  • Activation: OTAA

  • Link budget: 130dB

  • RF Transmit Power: 14dB


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