Valve(s) operation

Regardless of the application (wiring diagram) choice, the valve(s) are operated in the following manner.

The corresponding valve is activated together with the fan as the measured temperature crosses the Δt1 threshold in relation with the target temperature w. As the temperature in the room reaches the target temperature, the valve(s) and the fan are deactivated.

Example: - current operational mode: Heating - Δt1 = 1°C - target temperature (w) = 23°C - threshold temperature = w-Δt1 = 23 - 1 = 22°C) - measured temperature = 22.2°C

  1. When the measured temperature drops from 22.2 to 22°C (threshold temperature) or lower, the valve(s) and fan are activates.

  2. They stay active until the measured temperature is equal or greater to the target temperature (w).

  3. Once the target temperature (w) has been reached the valve(s) and fan deactivate.

  4. When the temperature drops to 22°C again the the valve(s) and fan activate again, etc.

Information how to change Δt1 is to be found here.

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