MClimate CO2 Sensor and Notifier LoRaWAN

General information

MClimate CO2 Sensor and Notifier is a device that uses NDIR technology to measure the actual CO2 and has built in temperature and humidity sensors. The device also has acoustic and visual notification abilities to indicate occupants whether a room should be ventilated.

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  • CO2 Sensor (NDIR)

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Humidity Sensor


  • Acoustic Buzzer (8dB at 10cm)

  • 2xAA Power supply

  • Ultra-low power consumption

Power supply

  • Battery type: 2xAA

  • Operating voltage: 1.8 - 3.6 VDC

  • Expected battery life: Up to 10 years (depending on configuration and environment)

  • Recommended batteries: Energizer Lithium Ultimate L91

  • Device does not operate with rechargeable batteries!


  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3, class A device, EU868

  • Encryption: LoRaWAN End-to-end encryption (AES-CTR)

  • Activation: OTAA

  • Link budget: 130dB

  • RF Transmit Power: 14dB


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