Connecting Kerlink MyLNS/WMC to MClimate’s LoRaWAN broker

1. Once you have created a Cluster, click on Push Configurations

2. Create New push configuration

  • Type - HTTP
  • Message detail level - Network

3. Fill the fields

  • Url -
  • Data up route
    • /up-mylns - for
    • /up-wmc - for

4. Go to and sign in with your MClimate Account.

6. Copy username

7. Add custom header with key - 'username', and value - {generated username}

8. Go to 'Users' and create new user

This step is required in order to be able to send commands to the devices
  • Username - shoud be the one from developers portal
  • Email - Please use a valid email, you will be required to confirm it in order to validate the user
  • Role - User
  • Password - Should be the password copied from the developers portal
  • Activation - Enable
Payload Type - shoud be Hexadecimal
Last modified 3mo ago