Child lock

Set child lock parameters command explanation.

When child lock is enabled, manual target temperature change with the device rotary encoder is forbidden. If the user rotates the rotary encoder, in case Child lock is enabled, on the device LED display β€œCh” is shown.

In Table 10 is described the data which the server sends to control this functionality.

Byte index

Hex value - Meaning


07 – The command code.


XX – 01 to enable and 00 to disable child lock functionality.

Table 10

Example command: 0x0701 – Enable child lock.

Child lock behavior when device goes offline

You can choose what happens with the Child lock setting if a device goes offline for some reason (e.g. gateway is offline). Once the device comes back online, it'll revert to the previously set settings.

Available in f.w. 4.1 and above

E.g. If child lock is activated on a device and it goes offline, you can decide whether the child lock is disabled.

Once the device comes back online, it'll revert to the settings that were active prior to going offline.

Byte indexHex Value - Meaning

Byte index

Hex Value - Meaning


35 - Command code


00 – Child lock is automatically disabled when the device goes offline.

01 – Child lock remains unchanged when the device goes offline.

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