Child lock

Set child lock parameters command explanation.

When child lock is enabled, manual target temperature change with the device rotary encoder is forbidden. If the user rotates the rotary encoder, in case Child lock is enabled, on the device LED display “Ch” is shown.
In Table 10 is described the data which the server sends to control this functionality.
Byte index
Hex value - Meaning
07 – The command code.
XX – 01 to enable and 00 to disable child lock functionality.
Table 10
Example command: 0x0701 – Enable child lock.

Get child lock parameters command explanation

This command is used to get Vicki child lock functional state. Server sends the command code and the response is sent from Vicki together with the next keep-alive command. The sent command request and the received command response are described in Table 21. The keep-alive in the response is omitted for clarity.
Byte index
Sent request
Received response
14 – Command code.
14 – The command code.
01 – child lock functionality is enabled;
00 – child lock functionality is disabled;
Table 21
Example command sent from server: 0x14;
Example command response: 0x1400 – Child lock functionality is disabled.