Set the device allowed working voltage

This command sets the allowed working voltage. If the battery voltage drops below the set value the valve state is automatically set to open and can’t be changed anymore.

Setting a value less than 0x1F is not acceptable as it is not sufficient for the operation of the onboard MCU and/or radio!

The command explanation is in the table below.

Byte index

Hex value - Meaning


09 – The command code


XX - Allowed working voltage XX = (Voltage[mV]-1600)/8 Default value is 1850mV

Example command: 0x0932

32[HEX] = 50[DEC]

50 = (Voltage[mV]-1600)/8 Voltage[mV] = 50x8+1600=400+1600=2000mV=2V

Set the working voltage to 2 Volts

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